Ci-dessous les productions des élèves de 3A et 3C dans le cadre du cours d’anglais sur la presse, à propos des attentats terroristes de la semaine du 7 janvier 2015.

Rennes Est Charlie - Marche Du 11 Janvier 2015 -  voir en grand cette image
Rennes Est Charlie - Marche Du 11 Janvier 2015

I am Charlie. You are Charlie. We are Charlie.

Giant solidarity proven worldwide !

Yesterday, there were a lot of demonstrations around the country. 125,000 marched for Charlie yesterday in Rennes. 50 heads of state also marched in Paris for the defense of free speech and freedom. 4 million people stood up for liberty.

For 5 days, the Kouachi brothers have killed many people : 17 people have been murdered. France have cried… Black has been the color of France. Families and friends of the victims have been supported by all the population.

  • We wish France felt better in 2015.
  • We wish Charlie Hebdo found some new cartoonists.
  • We wish we helped the victims’ families.
  • We wish we were in peace and liberty.
  • We wish we stopped the terrorists around the world.
  • We wish Charlie Hebdo got new drawings.
  • We wish France was stronger than the Jihadists.
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