Voici le compte-rendu de la journée par les élèves de 5A et 5C.

Yesterday, we walked on the sea to go to Elizabeth castle ! It was very long and very difficult ; we had our feet in the water.! We saw little fish !

The castle was big and dangerous ! There were many rooms, with many costumes, cannons and swords… There was a hospital for sick people. Surgeons cut their legs… English bullets were bigger than French bullets ! We had a surprise : the shooting of a cannonball ! It made noise !!! We ate sandwiches and crisps on the grass.

The game was easy. We had to search information and pictures in the castle and in St Helier. We asked questions to Jersey people. At the end, Ms Meunier gave presents.

We went shopping in St Helier for 3 hours. There were many French tourists but we spoke English and bought ice-creams !!!